Why founders love TFO...

“TFO has radically changed my business. It’s given me permission to take risks again."
Scott Carson
Founder, MRP, LaserMatch.io, OscillaLasers.io


“It's extraordinary to be part of such a diverse organization with such a deep connection amongst the organizers and members. There is a real sense of camaraderie and I feel at home in any TFO city. Plus, the SXSW event is a can't miss every year!”
Erin Pederson
Co-Founder, Blockchain Beach


“It’s nice to be real with people who understand & appreciate what real is.”
Fritz Heffinger
Founder, OutCold


“I have built lasting relationships both personally and professionally.  Professionally, I have found vendors and have become a vendor through members.  I have leaned on members for advice and found answers through the network. Personally, I have made like minded friends, some of whom came to my bachelor party and are coming to my wedding!”
Chad Rogers
Founder, Lemonlight Media


“TFO events feel authentic, like you’re just getting together with a group of friends.”
Mike Kelly
Founder, ORA Interactive


“I’ve changed my leadership style drastically after being around the members of The Founders Organization. I don’t take myself so seriously and I put far less pressure on myself and my employees. There’s a lot more laughter and collaboration within my company now.”
Ben Walker,
Founder, Transcription Outsourcing


“Being a part of TFO has helped me gain insights from individuals leading much larger organizations. I've been able to develop foresight into the challenges I'll face as my own organization goes through similar growing pains.”
Jake Reisch
Founder, Eversound

“Most of the networking events I go to are with people of the same age, or same gender, or same industry and I don’t get to meet people who are doing wildly different things and have innovative business models. They end up being the people I learn the most from.”
Melissa Mash
Founder, Dagne Dover


“TFO is a great way to meet and really get to know outstanding entrepreneurs who share your values, challenges, and goals as founders. I haven’t found anything else like it.”
Chris Grey,
Founder, Caplinked


“It’s inspiring to learn from those who have been in the business a long time as well as those who are just getting started.”
Payal Beri
Founder, I-Connect


"TFO has become a fantastic community of high calibre founders across various industries that I have enjoyed learning from and developing lasting friendships. The Founders Dinners and city events are my favourite aspect of the group as there is no better way in my opinion to share stories and experiences than while breaking bread or a fun out of town weekend with your fellow Founders"
Tim Ray
Founder, Carnivore Club


“I’ve met fellow founders who are not only good business connections, but are also great friends. I’ve already binge watched Netflix crime documentaries & worked from home with a new girlfriend I met at a Founders Dinner.”
Tina Kim,
Founder, The Gray Pencil


“It’s lonely being a founder and entrepreneur, so TFO has really helped fill the gap to bring me personal fulfillment, which has impacted my ability to be a successful founder.”
Robby Berthume
Founder, Bull & Beard

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