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Where successful founders connect. make lifelong friends. meet new clients. improve their leadership. grow their business.

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From our "founder favorites" like our week long, all-inclusive trip to SXSW, to our weekend getaways and private parties, we think of every detail to ensure you have an unforgettable experience with an incredible group of people. 

Founders Dinners are one of the cornerstones of TFO. Always relaxed but highly curated, these intimate dinners strip away the pretense of typical networking events to allow a diverse group of founders to make real, lasting connections.

No matter how much you love OR hate social media, staying connected with your community online is a must. Our platform is an unparalleled way for you to stay engaged with the people you want to learn from, do business with, or just grab drinks with after work! 


why founders join tfo

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“It's extraordinary to be part of such a diverse organization with such a deep connection amongst the organizers and members. There is a real sense of camaraderie and I feel at home in any TFO city. 

Erin Pederson, Founder of Blockchain Beach

“I was seeking a way to practice being a better networker. However, I didn’t want to be sleazy about it or overly pushy. TFO events are the perfect way to interact with fellow founders in a smaller, more personal environment...” 

TINA KIM, Founder The Gray Pencil

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"TFO has become a fantastic community of high calibre founders across various industries that I have enjoyed learning from and developing lasting friendships with."


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“Most of the other networking events I go to are with people of the same age, gender, or industry. I don’t get to meet people who are doing wildly different things and have innovative business models. They end up being the people I learn the most from at TFO.” 

melissa mash, founder of dagne dover

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“Being a part of TFO has helped me gain insights from individuals leading much larger organizations. I've been able to develop foresight into the challenges I'll face as my own organization goes through similar growing pains."

Jake Reisch, Founder of Eversound

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“Several TFO members have become close friends and trusted advisors over the past year. They’ve drastically changed the way I lead my company."