Online Community Groups

Whether you're looking to connect specifically with founders in your city, or if you need someone to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrency, we've got a special group just for you! All TFO Members first enter the main members-only group. However, once you're in the main group, you get to choose your own founder-destiny. Premium groups require approval from the Community Manager, such as Non-Profit Founders & Female Founders, but you're more than welcome to slide into any of the regional groups where you live and/or do business.

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Take your founder community with you wherever you go with the TFO mobile app! 

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Far more productive than keeping Facebook up on your laptop - our online community is the perfect way to get valuable feedback or advice on whatever you're working on throughout the day without all the annoying ads and unending debates.

Interested in Hosting?

We always welcome & encourage founders to step up into leadership roles within our community!

If you have a deep passion for connecting with founders who fit into any of these subgroups, click the link below to apply for the role of Group Host

As a thank you, Group Hosts receive first access to new features & programs, exclusive gifts, two free Founders Dinners each year, participation in a referral program that can earn money for you or your favorite charity, and more TBA! Additionally, we’ll promote you and your company when sharing the group and inviting new members into it.