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"As a city host, having the full support of TFO allows me to build relationships & garner trust quicker between my peers that come to our events."

Joey Kercher, Founder of Airfresh Marketing & TFO City Host

+ What is a TFO City Host?

City Hosts are founders who have stepped up to take the lead in their hometown. Through their own successes, they know, first-hand, just how important the support of other founders is to achieving their own goals.

City Hosts are pillars of the founder community in their city. Their commitent to staying active with founders both in person & online is the glue that keeps the TFO community strong. They welcome new members to the group, introduce members to one another, offer up engaging content and questions, and host local events.

+ What’s expected of a City Host?

All city hosts take part in hosting 1 event every month, and at least one formal event every six months (don’t worry, we’ll help!).

Formal Events
Formal events require pre-registration and purchase of a ticket by attendees. Because of the planning and ticketing for these events, we’re able to create a much higher quality experience for the attendees than a typical informal gathering. These events require at least 45 days of planning to ensure a high-quality execution.

Relax, you’re in good hands. We’ve done this a million times & we’ll be with you every step of the way. From booking the venue to coordinating with guests, the TFO team will be with you 100% of the way.

Founders Dinners
Founders Dinners are intimate dinners for 10-16 founders. Dinners last at least three hours and consist of light programming to ensure a consistently high quality experience for founders who attend. Founders Dinners take place in a private room of a top-level restaurant or in a private location with a private chef.

Founders Roundtable
Founders Roundtables are learning events, bringing founders together to discuss a particular topic, industry, situation, or idea. These roundtables start at eight attendees, but there is no reasonable limit to how large they could become.

Example discussion topics: The impact of GDPR, the impact of proposed tarriffs on XXXX industry, how will AI impact school children, addressing #metoo in the workplace, etc. Nearly any topic is fair game. Founders Roundtables take place in boardrooms, private rooms at restaurants, and even at founders homes.

Informal Events
Informal events do not require the purchase of a ticket to attend. These are typically “meetup” style gatherings with a loose agenda or a group activity. Some examples of informal events include:

Cocktails = This is the easiest informal event to book. Can you mix a great drink? Then do it at home! Otherwise, we’ve got a list of great bars to enjoy.
Coffee chats = Classic!
Hikes = Feeling a little “granola?” We dig it.

Co-working days = Got a great office with some extra space? Get down to business (and fun) with your local founders looking for a desk to crash.

Online Engagement
You’re a leader in your community, and founders in your regional group will be looking to your leadership online too. City hosts welcome new members, encourage conversations, and make the online community a hospitable place for all founders, new & seasoned, pose questions & find the right people.

+ City Host Benefits

1. Free membership!
Once you've hosted your first official TFO event, your membership dues will be waived from then on.

2. Referral codes
TFO referral codes not only benefit the founders you refer to join, but also accrue money for yourself or your favorite charity!

3. Visibility
Your name, photo, and company will be listed on our “City Hosts” page.

4. Swag
Every city host gets an official TFO shirt. Other gifts, such as custom jackets, journels, and event credit are earned through engagement.

5. Collaboration
All City Hosts have the opportunity to contribute to the TFO Newsletter which is sent to thousands of founders worldwide. City Hosts have the opportunity to guest-host on TFO media outlets, such as the TFO podcast, Founders Journal, Founder Salon, etc.