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+ Which membership do I qualify for?

We understand the journey of "founderhood" well. We believe no matter where you are on you're journey, that you have something to contribute to our community.

Basic Membership is for both seasoned veterans and founders just getting their start to engage with and learn from one another.

Full Membership is an elevated membership experience for founders who meet the following benchmarks:

- Grown your company to at least $1mm in revenue. This actual, collected revenue over the last twelve months. Projections are not accepted.
- Sold your company for at least $2mm within the last five years.
- Raised at least $3mm in outside funding. Must be equity funding from a bona fide third-party. Friends, family, and debt financing cannot be included.
- Currently employ at least 10 full-time staff members.

Qualifications for non-profit founders to gain full-membership:

- Annual operating budget of $1mm+
- Collected contributions/donations of $1mm+ within the last twelve months

We believe founders who have achieved these milestones typically bring added value to our community through their hard earned wisdom & expertise. Lower membership dues and additional perks are offered to those who complete the verification process needed to become a Full TFO Member. The verification process can be complete with any of the following documents:

- Bank Statement
- Stripe/ Credit Card Activity
- Letter from Accountant
- Letter from Lawyer
- Press Release
- Investment Contract
- Sales Contract
- Letter from Attorney